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Eliud Webster

Originally posted August 23, 2011

Introducing Eliud Z. Carcaño de Webster

Eliud Z. Carcaño de Webster has chosen to share her voice with us all.   Here are a few words about Eliud – as she wrote them.

“I was born in Mexico City.  I am a mother of four grown up productive adults, very proud of them.  Poetry, painting and music were my first loves before my kids.  Married to an American citizen for many years, now separated.

I live in Mexico City and have an Internet café.  My greatest accomplishment in life has been my children.  I dedicated myself to them with all my might since I knew it was the most important task in my life.  I lived in the USA for 32 years, my poems are also written in Spanish.”

Eliud is bi-lingual and was kind enough to share her beautiful words in both tongues.   We have posted each poem both in English and in Spanish.


Restless in my youth, I could not recognize, when love came to me.

Anxious because of my body’s urgencies, I only enjoyed the moment, without thinking that those instances, summarized the total of the ecstasy of my life.

Hidden my forbidden passion because of circumstances.  Longing in silence for the past that will never come back.  Searching for the lost love’s breath in all other places.

Love, beautiful word, of a profound meaning, that is not recognized in youth, that is longed for tirelessly in maturity and it is cried for inconsolably in old age.


El  Amor 

Inquieta en mi juventud no pude reconocer, cuando el amor llego a mí.

Ansiosa por las urgencias de mi cuerpo, tan solo disfrute el momento, sin pensar que esos instantes, sumarian el total del éxtasis de mi vivir. 

Pasión escondida y negada por las circunstancias, añorando en silencio los años pasados que no volverán.

Buscando el aliento del amor perdido en cualquier otro lugar.

Amor, hermosa palabra, de significado profundo, que no se reconoce en la juventud, que añoras incansablemente en tu madurez y lloras inconsolablemente en tu vejez.

 © 2011 Eliud Z. Carcaño de Webster All Rights Reserved

Tell Me

Tell me that you love me, like I love you.  Tell me, I beg of you, for I cannot exist.

All of these nights that I have been with you, I don’t do anything else except, watch your sleep.  In the silence I asked myself, if today will be the day, that you finally will tell me, that you love me, the way that I love you.

Tell me that you miss me like I miss you. That you feel overwhelmed because I am not close to you.

Tell me that you are lacking air, like me when you are not close to me.

Tell me that life didn’t start for you, until you met me.

Tell me… Tell me… Tell me that you only love me.



Dime que me amas, como yo te amo a ti, dímelo te lo ruego, pues yo ya no puedo existir.

Todas estas noches que he estado contigo, no hago más que mirar tu dormir, y en silencio me pregunto, si hoy será el día, que por fin me digas, que me amas tanto, como yo te amo a ti.

Dime que me extrañas como yo te extraño a ti.  Que te sientes agobiado por no tenerme cercas de ti.  Dime que te hace falta el aire, como a mí cuando tú no estás cercas de mí.

Dime que la vida no empezó para ti hasta que me encontraste a mí.

Dime… Dime… Dime que tan solo me amas a mí.

© 2011 Eliud Z. Carcaño de Webster All Rights Reserved


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