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Leonids – for Deb

Last night I woke to find her sitting by the window watching the sky.
It reminded me of the night fifteen years ago when I wrote this.


We are not children, you and I,
between us more than a century,
yet, here we are, standing heads back
in the icy, Autumn clearing.

On this far, November edge of midnight
we watch the moonless sky for wonders,
waiting to welcome dusty travelers
across endless continents of time and space.

They are gone in the instant of their arrival
streaking the blackness with smoky, blue banners;
inflamed by the physical presence of another;
declaring their ecstasy, consumed by passion.

There, in the night, we point and sigh
huddled together against the cold.
I feel the press of your hip, your shoulder;
fire flows where our bodies touch.


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful imagery, Sig. I love this!

    Barb S.

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