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Bad Parents

Bad parents
make poor poems
or so it seems

They provide no
touching sentiments
or poignant moments
that bring a tear to the eye
or a sigh from the heart

The tears are all bitter
the sighs all signs
of frustration

They leave no
legacy of wisdom
just a lifetime spent
reacting to a past
that never fades

There are no
deathbed reconcilements
no tidy sitcom endings
to make it all better
in the last five minutes

You need to
buy a license to fish
and pass a test to drive
or cut someone’s hair

But, anyone with the organs
can make as many children
as they wish
then twist and torment them
with impunity

As long as the scars
don’t show


3 Responses

  1. So working on letting grace seep out of me. My pores naturally block it so I feel like I need to pin pick myself manually to allow it. I’ll keep poking.

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