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Shadow Season – reaction

I want to share some responses I have received to Shadow Season.

Shadow Season on Amazon

“I just finished reading “Shadow Season.”  It was a delightful and moving story.  Thank you for creating this sweet narrative.

I found the story to be comforting and challenging.  I could identify with the experiences of Tortoise, Rabbit and Coyote.  I came to love them!  The story touched on so many powerful themes out of our collective mythic and archetypal consciousness.  There were many places where the wisdom of the ages rose to the surface in a subtle, non-pedantic manner.  The teaching spoke to the heart in a soft and enduring manner.

It seems like it helped me to feel connected to the broader, expansive Arc not only of a lifetime, but of the succession of generations.

In the end, I felt like Shadow Season reminded me of something I already innately knew from just being part of the sentient experience of life. An innate knowing that resides just beneath consciousness. And the best reminders are those which cause these fundamental truths to surface from the amnesia of daily living where our awareness is continually distracted by the neediness of ego identity, fear and greed.  Your book provided a Remembering that ultimately we are all connected to a process which is far greater than our individual selves.  It reminds me to not relate to death as a personal affront, but rather a partaking of something far greater…. and here is where there is a gift of solace.”

Rev. R. John Jeffery, M.Div., BCCC
Director and Clinical Supervisor
Pacific Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training & Counseling

“Shadow Season is a timeless tale, a narrative embodying the perennial wisdom as it has been passed down throughout human history.  Through the simple story of rabbit, coyote, and tortoise, we are reminded of all the devices we, as humans, employ to keep from the most important lesson there is.  I recommend Shadow Season for those who are on the sacred path, through their own scrublands, toward waking up.”

Joe Soma, MA, MS, LPC, CHT

“What a lovely story through and through. The illustrations add such a marvelous texture to the reading experience. The printed pages feel wonderful with every turned page and the print is easy on the eyes. What a truly divine reading experience. I disliked that it had to come to an end- or at least until I reread it.”

Barb Holme


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