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Truth as Artifact

Forget your science,
your proofs
your Truth

We would rather embrace
a thousand fairytales
crafted to calm our fear

Than face the truth
that’s been lurking there
just outside the firelight

Grinning and waiting
patiently for the last
two million years


2 Responses

  1. What is Truth? Only what we believe it to be…

    • Generally, Truth (note the capital T) is only what can be shown to be empirically supportable by reproducible phenomena. Although, there is “subjective truth” which is only applicable to the interpretation placed on phenomena by a given individual in a given situation; and is capable of deluding an entire population if manipulated correctly.

      The core of the “Great Truths” which our species has institutionalized and by which our species has lived for millennia and for which we regularly self-righteously kill and maim our neighbors is really wishful thinking about “how it must be”.

      Mostly, we see what we expect to see, hear what we want to hear, and believe what makes us comfortable to believe.

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