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Moving House

Last week was the fifth Anniversary of my arrival here in Colorado.  The transition here, after living for more than fifty years in the Bay Area of California, was a transformative experience for me.  I was forced to confront my sense of place, my sense of belonging.  Now, five years later, I find I have gained as much as I have lost; gained the sheer beauty of this place and the wonderful friends that come with it, but, more than that, I have gained the understanding that I contain the sense of home inside me and that, as long as I open my eyes and my heart, every place can be a place where I belong.

Here is something from my files, something I wrote in my second year here.

Moving House

The first thing is the light
and how it scribes each object
till they stand out sharp
like pictures snipped
from an old magazine
and pasted on white paper

Then there is the sky
that blues a blue
like none I’ve every seen
and decks itself with clouds
each one as large and grand
as whole continents of rain

And there are the peaks
that rise like fabled shores
from out of rolling waves
of land-swells; an earth-sea
frozen in the instant it would dash
itself against their stony flanks

It is enough to see these things
each morning when I rise
to know that I no longer
stand upon familiar ground
with flowers and fields
and friends that I once knew

It is enough to watch
the silent shadows of the clouds
as they glide across the land
to know that not all change is loss
and home is in my heart
and not my hand


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