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Winter White (for Lulu)

It has been cold and snowy since before Christmas here on the western edge of the high plains, as it has been for much of North America.  Today was the first real clear day  in a week or more.

We can see the snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide and its fourteeners from our front yard; and all the land between here and there is locked in an icy white grip.

In spite of the cold, there is one member of our household who is excited by this turn in the weather.  Lulu, our Tibetan Terrier is about the happiest dog you’ll ever meet.

She considers the snow to have fallen especially for her.  Whenever she is outside, and that’s quite a lot lately, she runs and jumps and rolls in the snow.  Her furry ears fly and seem to lift her into the air.  Whenever she is inside, she is staring longingly out the back door or taking my hand in her mouth and trying to drag me outside for a romp.

Her enthusiasm is contagious.  Through her eyes we can see that, though it is undoubtedly cold, it is still a marvelous, magical time.

So, here are a few words written in her honor.

Winter White

Lulu, Lulu come and play
the clouds are low, the sky is gray
but we’ll go walking anyway
down the trails all white with winter.

You come from a mountain land
where snow piles up on every hand.
You think these frozen fields are grand,
a perfect puppy playground.

Yes, you prefer it when it snows
no matter if the cold wind blows
you wag your tail, then point your nose
and jump into the snow banks.

So I’ll put on my scarf and gloves
my boots below, my hat above
and we’ll go to the place we love
the trails all white with winter.


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