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Backpacking – Fire Walk

Continuing my series of backpacking poems. 

This one chronicles a stretch of trail in the Cimarron range of the Sangre de Cristos.

The trail dips down from hot, bare rock into a narrow, shady stream bed crowded with green, and for 40 or 50 feet it is dominated by tiger lilies at shoulder height.

Fire Walk

In the tangled
canyon bottom
burning lilies
light the shade

Golden, glowing,
swollen stamens
ache with summer’s
pollen load

Heavy heads
crowd the trail-side
scrawling tales
of floral passion
on our shoulders
as we pass

We step out into
the hot, white light,
bodies streaked
with yellow fire


3 Responses

  1. It would be wonderful thing for you to pull these together into a chapter of your new book of poetry (wink wink! The power of suggestion?).

  2. […] Backpacking – Fire Walk. […]

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