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Come Out

Come out
there is no point in hiding
no one is left to frown
no one left to hurt you
no angry words, indifference,
or blows

Rise up
there is no point in waiting
the loving touch, the smile
the imagined rewards
will not come to find you
in your room

Close the book
its words are just symbols
for what might have been
lift your eyes and live the mystery
more than any story
it is your life

Open the door
the sad ghost house is hollow
spotted with dried tears
nothing but twilight and dust
traces left by promises
that were all lies

Lift up
your old tired body
feel your heart beat again
find the wonder that’s been
calling you beyond
this shadow land

Come out
into the sunset street to run
and laugh beneath the evening star
there is still light enough
time enough to find
the freedom you forgot


4 Responses

  1. Awesome. It’s upbeat. It’s optimistic.
    I’m pleasantly surprised.

    Great full moon poem.

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