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For Nate and Lisa

I was in California the last two weeks; there to participate in two major milestones in the lives of my children.  First, my daughter, Rachel, graduated from UC Berkeley with honors.  It was a thrill to see her stride across the stage; a beautiful, brilliant, young woman with a lifetime of promise and accomplishment before her.

Then, last week, I attended the wedding of my son Nathan and his dear bride Lisa.  What more amazing confluence of joy could I ask for?

At their request, I wrote a few words for them to use in their ceremony. I thought I’d share them here as a way to share some of my joy with all of you.

for Nathan and Lisa on their wedding day

It’s more than keeping
the roof from leaking
the pantry filled
or the wolf from the door.

It’s the peace that comes
from knowing you have a partner
feeling their presence at your side
hands reaching to share the load
no need for you to ask.

It’s the thrill of being lovers
not just in the easy, early days
when youth and mystery spawn fire
but on, through the years
when touch becomes a homecoming.

Most of all
it’s the gift of deepest friendship
cheering your triumphs
mourning your losses
knowing you as you truly are
and choosing to share your life.


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  1. Beautiful words!

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