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We added a new friend to our house back at the beginning of December.  Her name is Lulu and she is a Tibetan Terrier puppy.  She was 8 weeks old when she arrived and has rapidly settled in to run the household as though she were born to it – and, in fact, I do believe she was.

I need to clarify.  I am not really a “dog person”.  I do not dislike dogs – just never felt any compelling need to invite one to share my life; that is, until I met Lulu.  Now I am hooked.

She arrived just as I was struggling to find another mode of life, another way to be that is not so burdened with what was; one that allows me to exist fully present in what is, now.

So, that is as much as I can offer as explanation for what follows.


She plops there on the tile
a small bright-eyed puddle of curly fur
barely on this earth four months
born a messenger from all I have ignored

She does not hope for what may be
nor mourn what was
she merely takes
what each moment offers
and moves on to the next

this is the loss our ancestors
wistfully mourned
with their Eden
and their wily snake

the loss of peace and easy being
we traded for a plow,
a microwave,
a paved and poisoned world

it is life fully lived,
moment to moment
waiting patiently to show me
the way back home


6 Responses

  1. Unconditional love is the mecca.

  2. Ha! Not dead – just close. 😉

  3. Lulu is truly a gift that places you in the “now” with her. I feel we can learn a lot from the animal kingdom.

  4. Lively. Lovely. Welcome back from the dead.

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