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A Thirsty heart

A child of the desert, from the beginning
she was cast by an indifferent fate
among parched and burning lands
where the cool taste of water was as rare as
the phoenix that haunted her fevered dreams.

Her childhood was a hymn to thirst,
and all her youth was spent
in futile search for rumored wells
where water flowed in such abundance
that no visitor need leave unslaked.

In later years her thirst became a raging fire
of longing for the promised One,
the mythical rainmaker,
who by his being could bring the
waters pouring from a cloudless sky.

She wandered far through barren lands
and sang her song of endless seas
of breezes cooled by autumn’s rain;
and of the ecstasy that she would know
When she could bathe in his pure dew.

All who heard her song were
moved to tears; the moisture flowing
down their cheeks.  And mortal men
offered her, without reserve, their meager share
of precious drink carefully drawn from guarded pools.

But thirst had entered deep within;
her very soul was dry and parched;
and so she traveled on and on
in constant quest for paradise
not willing to accept their offered gifts;

Until the day she reached the shore.
A mighty lake stretched at her feet
with crashing waves and cooling winds
and all the waters of the world laid
out for her to kneel and drink.

And there, beside that watery Eden
she laid her head upon the sand;
and washed by waves of purest blue
she closed her eyes and died of thirst.


4 Responses

  1. Sig
    Nice. Makes me think of California?!?

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