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Where is the strength
to bear the weight
of hours grown heavier
as they grow rare?

Their dwindling numbers
mean each hour left must
shift an ever greater share
of unmet dreams

Allotting this one to Maybe
and that one to Lost

All weighed down by
what now will never be


2 Responses

  1. Disney taught us that with just a little plucky resolve, we could overcome all our obstacles and achieve our dreams. They did us a disservice and so we cling, wanting our moment, wasting our time.
    I keep hoping for the chubby sweet fairy godmother. Bippity bobbity boo…

    • Yes. That and “you can be anything you want of you believe in yourself and try hard”. What a pack of crap! No mention of talent or skill. Nothing about in born factors like intelligence, coordination, or stature.

      No fairy godmothers, no ugly ducklings who are really swans. No happily ever after – unless you’re mentally broken.

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