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Where am I from?

The records say California;
LA to be exact
but the real answer?
that depends on what you mean by “from”

My memory says
the back seats of old cars
and a long, nameless string of motels

The mechanics of conception
and whispered family tales
make a good case for Mexico

My X chromosome spirals back
from Oregon to Minnesota
through New York villages,
England, and Lotharingia
to the mountains of western Persia.

The Y wanders from
Ohio riverboats to
the shtetls of Eastern Europe,
the glories of Andalusia. and the Levant
to somewhere in Mesopotamia.

It all comes together
on the plains of East Africa,
and a boiling acid sea
condensed out of a cloud of cosmic dust
hurled into being in an instant
by the birth of time
from the smallest speck of eternity.

So, where am I from?
I’m from the same place as you


4 Responses

  1. Erudite!! Causes one to THINK, contemplate/evaluate how to answer those questions. The usual passing over that conversation with, “Evolution my dear!” seems to sorely lack substance.

    • The flickering manifestation in the moment, of the shifting and reassembling of patterns of elements and energies, that began too long ago to grasp, and will continue on toward an end we can not even imagine.

  2. Excellent! I’ve been looking for a long lost brother and here you’ve been all along!

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