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Hello Again

I have been off the air for days!  We are all alive and enjoying Italy!  Technical issues (among others) have been particularly frustrating.  But I will fill you all in as soon as I can get to a real PC.

The Kindle is a lovely tool, and amazingly flexible too, but it has peculiar limitations that make no sense but are very real!  So, I collect my thoughts and will transcribe them in a few days.

Meantime – here is a little something that came to me Wednesday night; at the end of a particularly hard stretch.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Lines

They slip away
barely noticed
though, now and then
a perplexing confluence
of missteps, malaprops
and lapses appears

As though there were
an ironic wit
at work in the world
set to put the lie to
all you thought you knew
or ever claimed to know.

And then, one day
in a moment no different
than a thousand before
you draw your hand
across your eyes
and find there’s nothing.

The lines are gone
and you are left
to face the crowd
unable to hold
either the performance
or the pose.


One Response

  1. This feels like the surface of a much deeper story. Very nice. 🙂

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