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Rome and Beyond – Day 2

We are in Rome.  We arrived yesterday at 9:00 local time after traveling 16 hours.    We had been unable to sleep on the plane; so were already exhausted by the time we got to our apartment around 11; but too excited to stay in and rest.  Instead, we headed out to check out the area and to have some lunch – the first real food since we left our house 18 hours before.


We headed off to find  a little trattoria recommended by our landlady.  We walked a few blocks through ancient streets from piazza to piazza.  Every piazza has at least one church, most have fountains; all of them (churches and fountains) old; far older than anything in the US.  There were remnants of roman sculpture displayed here and there as though such treasures were commonplace,  In the Piazza Navona – a few blocks from here – there is a magnificent fountain designed by Bernini.

The streets are winding, narrow and paved in cobblestones.  There are almost no sidewalks.  Everyone, people, bicycles, cars, trucks, scooters, everyone shares the same tight space and, somehow, it all works out.  No one gets run over, cars get through (a little slowly), scooters weave in and out in the  midst.

We managed to find our way on a small electric trolley across town to the Borghese Gallery to spend two hours overwhelmed by the beauty of the sculpture collection.   Then we made our way to the Piazza del Popolo (a breathtakingly beautiful spot) where we sat in an outdoor cafe and sipped vino rosso and watched the streams of people from every part of the world stroll by as we waited for our daughter to get off work and join us.

She took us around to the obligatory tourist spots (Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain) and then we had another good meal and ended the night walking her home past the Castel San Angelo; once the fortress and dungeons of the Papacy.

By the time we had been on our feet for some 11 or 12 hours and had walked for miles up and down hills, stairways, and over cobblestones.  We were exhausted to our core so we took a cab from her apartment to our cozy nest; climbed the steep stairs and fell into bed.

Our feet hurt, our muscles ached, and our brains were way overloaded with new sights, sounds, information.  In other words we were blissfully happy!  After 34 hours with little or no sleep, we turned off the lights and our minds for some welcome rest!


6 Responses

  1. Your descriptions make me feel I am there too!

    • Wouldn’t that be fun? A bunch of. US prowling Rome all day, then talking art, poetry, and film, sipping wine and coffee at the cafes into the night.

  2. So glad that you are having a wonderful experience!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful … I could be there … you described it so well! Let’s hear more!!

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