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Leisure Town

the gray man walks this street
checking his list
reading the numbers
he knows
the prospects are good here
he can smell the stagnation
the dread

knows they’re all waiting
in their brick boxes
their fortresses
their chosen cells
a Buick in every driveway
a golf cart in each garage
a number on every door

they peek out the windows
between the blinds
hoping that he won’t notice
the crumbling mortar
the scent of decay
the number on his list
the number on their door


2 Responses

  1. This one makes me feel self conscious; even though I don’t own a buick or a golf cart. Despite not being old, I know the decay has started with each creaky joint and smiling crow’s foot.

    Love it!

    • You’ve got a while. LOL – besides – you actively engage in life. These folks hide and hope the sameness will mean it goes on forever

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