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The Hungry Heart

The hungry heart is open to
the giddy rush; the raging heat;
the steady, quiet throb
that shakes down to the core.

The open heart embraces all
the longed-for joys, the ones
that poets sing and praise;
the hot, sweet taste of new-found love.

The welcoming heart
draws to its waiting door
both rosy dreams of future bliss
and disenchantment’s bitter ache.

The aching heart must struggle with
the fundamental loss of trust.
Life’s light grows dim.  All skies seem gray.
The heart is wrapped in weariness.

The weary heart will purge itself
of hopes and dreams and foolish joy;
retreating from the pain of love;
forswearing all but emptiness.

The empty heart grows hungrier
as famine grips each passing day.
The need for love grows stronger as
the memory of pain grows dim.

The hungry heart will open when
another love comes to the door;
remove the bars; through wide the gates
in spite of all that came before.


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  1. very good! check out my work:)

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