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Yesterday was “Father’s Day” – a “holiday” in the US that was created by the greeting card industry.  I had the pleasure of talking with each of my kids on the phone.  We live more than a thousand miles from all of them – so email, phone calls, and occasional Skype sessions are our means of staying connected.  This morning I woke, thinking of how lucky I am that they all wanted to talk to me and how much they all have enriched my life.  So, here is a bot of a thank you to them – something, by the way, I’ve shared with them already.

A message for my children
(as the train approaches my stop)

When I am gone
I will not come again.

There is no earthly reason
to pretend
that we will meet
up yonder,
or work out our business
in another life.

Those stories of rebirth
and resurrection are,
as we all know,
just salve to comfort
the frightened
and the faint of heart.

I may be gone
but, I will not leave you
all alone,
I will linger
in your thoughts
and in the tales
you tell your kids.

My voice will echo
in your random phrases
and, as you grow older
you will see too much of me
in your own mirrored face.

I will walk with you
on dusty trails,
and gasp with you
at the beauty of a wildflower.
I will cry with you
when the ones you love are hurt;

shout with you at your triumphs,
and share a glass and a dance with you
when your joy is overflowing.


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely stunning. The legacy of our works, the hopes of our hearts… Be well~

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