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Immortality and Freedom

Immortality and Freedom

These atoms in my hand
were formed in the fiery instant
when the universe was born

The salty liquid
where my leucocytes swim
once churned within the belly of a plesiosaur

The energy that fuels my brain
was born inside a star
that died before the earth existed.

The photons dazzling my night sky
left their stars before any eyes
like mine were here to see them

The fears I fear, the mysteries I ponder,
the trick of I I think I am,
were old ten thousand years before my birth.

It makes no difference if I strive,
I can not succeed, I can not fail,

The sounds I use to package thoughts
these shapes I use to act as sounds
can never really give you what I feel, show what I see.

This momentary pattern I call I
can only be, then cease to be.


2 Responses

  1. And with that, today’s worry just became a little bit less….

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