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Grey Mass – a shadow play

Grey Mass

A shadow play for Interlocutor, Choir, and a Chorus of frightened voices.

(Responsorial with pleading)

                1st Appeal

Chorus                Preach us a sermon with raves and with rants;
                            promising to set aside all that we fear

Interlocutor       The Truth enlists no spokesmen
Choir                   No rabbis, no gurus,
                             no voices in trances,
                             no priests or pretenders
                             who hold secret knowledge,
                             No self-righteous prophets who claim special sight.

                2nd Appeal

Chorus                Sing us the psalmody, those mystical chants;
                            pleading for exemptions from all that we fear.

Interlocutor        The Truth demands no groveling

Choir                   No kowtows, no begging,
                             no tearful admissions;
                             no choirs of castratos
                             who chant soothing praises,
                             no sprinkling foreheads with ashes or dust.

                3rd Appeal

Chorus                Show us the rituals, the steps to the dance;
                            posturing to hold at bay all that we fear.

Interlocutor        The Truth employs no magic

Choir                   No dances, no costumes,
                             no power-filled gestures,
                             no rituals mumbled
                             in cold midnight graveyards, 
                             no dark, hidden pathways that lead to the light.

                4th Appeal

Chorus                Burn us the offerings, the flesh and the plants;
                            sacrificed as ransom from all that we fear.

Interlocutor        The Tuth accepts no pay-offs

Choir                   No candles, no incense,
                             no salt, bread or entrails,
                             no offerings steaming
                             on bright golden platters,
                             no blood of the innocent shed for a lie.

                5th Appeal

Chorus                Teach us the discipline and cold abstinence; 
                            rejecting reminders of all that we fear.

Interlocutor        The Truth offers no judgment

Choir                    No fierce retribution,
                             no sulfurous torment,
                             no lists of banned items
                             bad thoughts or bad phrases,
                             no dog-headed god weighing hearts in a scale.


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