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BTW – A Thank You and An Obeservation

I visit every site of anyone who “follows”, Likes” or “Comments” here, so I know that many of you who have visited in the past months are yourselves, poets.  I am excited by the number and strength of the voices I have encountered in this way. 

I believe we are living in an age of the rebirth of poetry as the “People’s” voice.  It may seem mundane, but it is not.  It is a revolution!

It has been a quiet revolution.  The “rest of us” have simply stepped out into the light and offered our words to our fellows across the planet. 

Even though the gatekeepers are not hanging from the battlements, whether they admit it or not, the Bastille where they held the presses under duress and the binderies in bondage has fallen.

The internet has pried the fingers of the “official” arbiters from the throats of us all and, as McLuhan predicted, we can gather round the fire in the village square and sing again.


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