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A visit to the Minotaur

Shuffling through the labyrinth, whistling down the corridors
a portly man in baggy clothes comes mumbling through the maze
propping up his confidence behind a borrowed hero’s mask
assembling songs and nonsense rhymes from phrases scrawled on walls

His sagging face and thin gray hair; his painted smile and pointed nose
tell all you need to know of him, his name is Pantalone
He shuffles off around a bend reeling out a shining string
no footprints in the dust remain to show he passed this way


7 Responses

  1. I do agree with that last statement, we don’t leave the footprints that we think we do!

  2. There are worse things then shuffling through the fun house in comfy clothes, humming tunes and thinking up rhymes. I do that every day, my starbucks cup in hand being my version of the hero’s mask. ; )

  3. Ohhhhhh
    A peson or a dynamic, or both…

    • Definitely someone I know (LOL) – but we are all repetitions of the pattern we call “person” so a dynamic is equally valid.

      • Wow, to know someone who does not leave footprints.
        : D
        Magical…or concrete.

      • LOL – none of us really leave footprints – we only think we do. Who will remeber my face or my voice 100 years from now? Who will remember my name 200 years from now?

        Like all other flowers of this existence, part of our beauty lies in our temporary nature. That, and the fact that there is always another ready to bloom next season.

        “We are all like this season’s apples. No matter how red, or ripe, or juicy or sweet we are; we will all be forgotten in the excitement, the promise, the joy of next season’s harvest”

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