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The pine, rooted in granite, is shaped by its setting. Each curve of trunk bears, unmistakably, the mark of pine in the voice of pine. It is the ancient melody of wood and bark interpreted, informed, by the particular conditions in this place; a song sung within the context of the stone. 

The stone too remains a stone as it adopts a form more suited to the tree, all its seeming rigidity; its sparkling solidity split and heaved; transformed from monolith to cup, isolation to embrace, by the fact of the presence of the tree.

In this way lovers grow, twisting and bending, with age and time, each in themselves, each within the context of the other.  Every gesture, every posture expressing the moments of contact, the truth of the dyad; the myth of the individual.


3 Responses

  1. It’s an interesting thought pattern. A lot to think about. Once again, you entice thinking! Thank you

  2. How delightfully lovely.

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