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Two of mine for Valentines day

Mature Love

Mature love is quiet love.  It has nothing to prove.
The surface is calm but the core is intense.

No need to hold our breath to race our hearts.
We breathe, take in the world, and our hearts beat deep, strong.

Instead of narrowing there is expansion;
a pairing of equals, a sharing of whole selves.


The Fool

You shake your head and disapprove.
I am, you say, a fool; and age should long ago
have rid me of my folly

And I can only smile at the warmth of your concern
the innocence, the ignorance, of your assessment.

A fool? Of course I am a fool!

For what man wrapped in the burning arms of love
has ever been anything but a fool?

This folly is my crown, my rapture is my banner,
for the fire in her eyes lights a fire in my heart
and in that raging flame, I burn, and dance, and sing.



2 Responses

  1. Very nice. Two different perspectives, but both true all at once.

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