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Purpose and Meaning – Karma

The Dancer

The days flew by remarkable in their sameness;
he ate, laughed, occasionally made love
and all the while it yawned out there before him;
the blackness, the abyss, never seen, not directly,
something lurking in the mists on the horizon
only glimpsed as a shadow in the corner of his eye.

Years went by in a blur
as he sacrificed honesty for sanity;
each smile, each tear shed, a small victory;
that the smile did not become the ghastly grimace of madness;
that the weeping had an end, did not own all his days;
these small things assured him.

His hours slipped by remarkable in their sameness;
and he seemed to move with a purpose,
to gesture with meaning as he bowed to his partners
and twirled through the changes
of this seemingly endless Pas d’ une.


One Response

  1. A perfect description of how life can pass us by, if we don’t stop to take the time to feel it.

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