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Purpose and Meaning – What “Matters”

 “In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”

This whole planet and all the creatures on it can spin into the sun and there will be no discernible change in the universe.  It will be no less and no more than it has always been, than it always will be.

It may seem strange, but, for me, there is comfort that comes from recognizing that my little life is not the center of the universe, that I am not merely insignificant, but, arguably, I do not actually even exist as a recognizable ‘truth’ except in my projection.

Such a revelation frees me from any obligation to make my life match up with the grandiose ideas of self-importance that my ego struggles to extract from experience.  If I am as insignificant as I indeed am, then it doesn’t really “matter” how I live my life.  There is truly no great import to anything I do, no lasting impact, almost nothing about me and my deeds, much less my so-called inner life, that will remain in any human consciousness 50 years from now; nothing that will exist in any recognizable form 150 years from now; nothing that will exist at all 200 years from now.

By allowing myself to set down the burden of “mattering” I am free to be happy; free to live here and now and experience things as they actually happen – without loading them with artificial “importance”.

The Educational Benefits of Longevity

              (four lessons)

                  Lesson I

The capacity for folly is amazing;
adapting changing circumstance,
adopting new personas, or
transforming older models.

                 Lesson II

No pain can pain like the pain
of self confronted by the truth
of self in apposition to the dream
of self as self has never been.

                 Lesson III

It comes as blinding light;
the gift of sight that only
comes well after all the deeds
are done and there’s no going back.

                 Lesson IV

Life’s a rim shot, slide-whistle,
pratfall, stumble through
a high-wire, pie-in-the face
dance above the sulfurous abyss;

The bored crowd looking on
your red-nose, baggy pants,
parasol performance and
pretending they do not want
to see you take the plunge.


3 Responses

  1. Not many are people are quoted that many years after they’re gone, but the wise teacher’s words can resonate in our ears, giving us freedom, but also calling us to responsibly not waste our life while here.

  2. Wise words, good for the bible I am choosing by my own hand, as to how to live. Many authors and one theme, a journey for one.

    • “a journey for one” – all journeys are journeys for one.

      “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

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