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Mainlining 10-29

Musings on the real “Black Gold”

I started out young with the easy stuff – Good and Plenty at the Saturday matinee – a nickel a box and lots of sugar.

I moved on to ropes and twists as I got older.   I experimented with flavors (only red and brown I swear – never purple – couldn’t stoop that low) but they were not the real thing.   I even tried those funny little layered pastel things that your old aunt puts in the bowl on the table when the other ladies come to play cards – but they were not for me. 

I had better luck with anise Liqueur (Galliano is my favorite) and anise Italian soda syrup. 

But, no matter how far I roamed – I always came back to the basics – good old black, strong, chewy licorice.

Now I have graduated to hard licorice buttons (difficult to find) and Dutch cats and salt licorice.  I have no shame left – I eat it right out in public – though most folks wrinkle up their noses at the thought.

Got about a 1/4 to 1/2 pound a week habit – but as long as the supply never runs out – I’ll be just fine!


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